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Cultivate Exceptional Health, Clarity and Energy with This One Nutritional Healing System

•, By Carolanne Wright
 The therapy involves a specific diet custom-tailored for each individual, depending on a person’s metabolic blueprint, as well as toxic load and deficiencies revealed through a hair analysis test. The end result is a program which balances the body and mind while providing a solid foundation for healing and health.
Curative advantages

Why choose nutritional balancing over other healing modalities? Dr. Wilson believes this approach is superior to other methods for these reasons:

- Toxic metals are removed from the body at a safe and gentle pace, working with the body’s own rhythms and time frame.

- Nutrients are absorbed at a steady rate.

- Low doses of vitamins and/or supplements are used, minimizing toxic reactions.

- Repeated hair tissue mineral analysis provides additional safety.

- Physical, mental and emotional ailments are healed at the source.

Toxin levels are reduced far below what is possible with other healing methods, including oral and intravenous oral chelation.

Nutritional balancing is exceptionally predictive and preventative – it helps to detect and heal a majority of diseases.

The program is comprehensive, utilizing diet, lifestyle, supplements, detoxification and meditation.