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Freedom Summit 2014 Photostream

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By Ed Vallejo
I attended all three days of this year's Freedom Summit at the Sheraton Hotel here in Phoenix.  It is the third such event in a row that I have been to, and every one has been a sheer delight to not only get to listen to the absolute luminaries of the Freedom Movement, but to also see, share, and network with Activists from all across the country.  Good friends that I know are 'fighting the good fight' in their respective areas.  Meeting new people that are of like mind.
What a treat!
I'm also most glad when I don't have to drive for two days, set up a booth, break it down when done, and drive another two days to get home. 
I heard some excellent information this weekend, and if you couldn't be here, I heartily suggest watching the videos that will be produced and distributed in the near future.  I assure you you'll get a lot out of it.
My most sincere thanks go out to Ernest Hancock.  Brother, I can honestly say that I cannot imagine waht my life would be like if you had not ever existed, but I know to the core of my soul it wouldn't have been this exciting, this wonderful, or this productive in the cause of forwarding Liberty.
Thank you with all I have.
The link 'read more' takes you to the photostream of the pics I took.  I apologize for the lack of clarity from Sunday's pics, but I forgot my SD card in my laptop Saturday, and had to use my Cricket phone. - Ed