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Do We Need More Political Parties?

WASHINGTON DC | Possible presidential candidate Rand Paul can't seem to stay out of the news lately. The Kentucky senator's latest issue is that he sees a gloomy future for the Republican Party. In a recent interview with neo-conservative radio host Glen Beck, Paul went so far as to say that the Republican Party may never again win a presidential election if it doesn't broaden its appeal. That curious statement comes when many of the Republican Party's most conservative critics have been saying for years that the GOP's "big tent" is already too big. These critics have pointed to the gay GOP faction known as Log Cabin Republicans and other realities to underscore their belief that the Republican Party already tolerates so much variety that clearly defining the GOP's mission is nearly impossible. However, Paul has a different take on the matter. As we reported in today's newscast, Paul believes NSA surveillance abuse can help the GOP reach out to young voters who might otherwise

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Do we need more political parties, in this country?  

Yes, ONE is simply NOT enough!