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Mother Russia?

•, By Jack D. Douglas
 The rulers in D.C. are trying desperately to pump the U.S. up with paper money and paper assets, but it rushing toward the Black Hole of bad debt and bankruptcy and implosion.

The U.S. Empire is desperately expropriating assets worldwide through immense dollar inflation and outright seizures of goods, trying to stop the rush to the Black Hole.

The reported, secret shipping of the gold out of Kiev to the  U.S. may be one more such imperial robbery.

But, regardless of such imperialist moves or Ukrainian robber baron greed, if the Ukrainian revolutionaries are cooperating in sending the nation’s gold to the U.S. or other Western nations, it has the more immediate significance of showing they are preparing to flee the Ukraine as Russia begins moving into Eastern Russian Ukrainia with vast forces.

The Ukrainians, especially the totally anti-Russian ones, understand the Russians from a thousand years of common history.

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Comment by J E Andreasen
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Nice tie-in with the Volgograd statue, Родина-мать зовет!  Sadly, today Rodina is shifting about on her clay foundations and crumbling away under the effects of the severe weather.  She may collapse at any time.  Sad, as she is truly a magnificent example of iconic sculpture, albeit poorly executed.