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God not-botherers: Religious apathy reigns


RELIGIOUS belief is usually a no-go area for British prime ministers. As Tony Blair's media advisor Alastair Campbell once put it: "we don't do God".

The current occupant of No. 10 seems to have decided otherwise. In widely reported comments made over Easter, David Cameron said that people in the UK should be "more evangelical" and "more confident about our status as a Christian country".

That provoked a chorus of dissent – some of it, rather unexpectedly, from the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Describing the UK as a "post-Christian country", Rowan Williams said that the era of widespread worship was over.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Interesting points in the article.

Ever since Adam and Eve fell, the goal God had in mind for people changed. Before the fall, things were to go on in joy, here on earth and wherever in the universe we might have expanded to. Since the fall, the destruction of the universe being imminent, the goal has been to save the souls of people for the new universe God will create.

The interesting point about the saving is that Jesus did the work that it took to open up the option. He did it when He suffered and died on the cross for the whole human race. So, since the work of salvation is done, why doesn't God simply take us all into perfection right now?

The simple answer is that many of us won't let Him. Many of us simply won't believe in Him. And that is what it takes to get us into the new universe... believing in God.

But a more complicated and exciting part of why God doesn't simply take us all right now is, He is giving his believers time to bring as many of the unbelievers to faith as possible. Why would God do that? So that His believers can share in the special glory that Jesus will receive for doing the work of salvation.

In other words, God didn't only prepare salvation, and He didn't only make that salvation to be a glorious one with a whole new universe that will be better than this one, but He is also giving us the gift of MORE GLORY by allowing those of us who want, to partake in helping with the salvation of the whole world.

After all, when you are a God Who can do anything, gold and silver and money doesn't mean anything to you. What is important is glory. And the glory is increased by the esteem that those who love You have for You.