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Just got back from a weekend at The Ranch

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Yes, it's unbelieveable. Too many factors didn't jive. Fingers being pointed. What was rumor, and what was fact?

There's only one way to find out. I went.

At this point, I am decompressing physically and mentally after five hours of sleep and a half plate of food I'm trying to finish while typing. The Bundy Family is safe and sound at their home, living their American Family Life. I have no indication that that will change between now and the time I sort some crucial things out, speak (or not hear from) people that need to clarify this or that, and then give my report to you here at The Daily Paul (thank you Michael Nystrom for hanging tough), Next News Network (way to go Gary Franchi), Freedoms' Phoenix (you're gonna love it Ernie!), and the World. Soon.

I have hope.

Ed in Phoenix

p.s. FOR THE RECORD if anything were to happen to me **mysteriously** before I can report...

I have no doubt that the REAL 'Domestic Terrorists' in this country have my blood on their hands - and yours may, nay, WILL be next! - Ed


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