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How Government Wrecks the Economy


No one explained the failures of pure socialism and of (the more moderate) interventionism better than Ludwig von Mises. Whether we want to understand why people are starving in North Korea, why minimum wage laws lead to teen unemployment, or what caused the boom and then crash in the U.S. housing market, the answer is in the Austrian School of economics. As the Obamacare disaster unfolds before our very eyes, it is critical for the average person — both adults and young people alike — to understand how economic science makes sense of these heartbreaking outcomes, and shows the way to solve them.

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everyone around the world will eventually just walk away from this failed rothschild/rockefeller bis/imf/un debt-and-death paradigm. it's over for the international central bankers. question is: who will pay - someone has to subsidize their lavish, idle lifestyle. if the russians, the chinese, and the iranians won't do it - someone else will. who has been financing everything up to this point? the american taxpayer. that's who they'll be coming after next, with their armies of 3-letter, alphabet-soup agency thugs: like those who work for the cia, fbi, nsa, dhs, tsa, blm, fda, adl...