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The Last Line of Defense...

•, Mac Slavo

In the U.S. Congress Senators like Diane Feinstein (CA) hypocritically say they support a free press, yet work behind the scenes to restrict the right to free speech for the vast majority of Americans. Last year, for example, as a new media shield law was being debated on Capitol Hill, Feinstein argued she wouldnt support a bill that would define an American disseminating information to the public as a "covered journalist" protected by the Constitution because that would mean everyone in the United States would have a "special privilege" as "an entity or service that disseminates news and information."

In essence, if it were up to Senator Feinstein and her cohorts, only bonafide mainstream journalists or those being paid a salary as reporters would be given the privilege of being protected by the U.S. Constitution.

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America, it's time to WAKE UP. From NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen, 1972, page 129: “The issue, very simply, is the enslavement of you and your children. Just because so many of these INSIDERS are theoretically Americans, don’t think they will spare this country the terror they have brought to thirty others through their hired Communist thugs. To the INSIDERS, the world is their country and their only loyalty is to themselves and their fellow conspirators. Being an American means no more to them than being an honorary citizen of Bali would mean to you. It has not bothered their consciences one iota that millions of your fellow human beings have been murdered, including 50,000 of your own sons in Vietnam. In order to solidify their power in the United States they will need to do here the same thing they have done in other countries. They will establish and maintain their dictatorship through stark terror. [Note: Think JFK, MLK, and RFK Assassinations and 9/11] The terror does not end with the complete takeover of the Republic. Rather, then terror just begins….for total, all encompassing terror is an absolute necessity to keep a dictatorship in power. And terror does not mean merely punishing the enemies of the New [World] Order. Terror requires the murdering and imprisoning of people at random…even many of those who helped them come to power.” At random…You cannot escape the terror, by simply ignoring it. It WILL affect you, somehow, some way, at some point in time. So, what are you going to DO about it?

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