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4409 Arrested... Again (details to follow...)


Published on May 16, 2014

Get off the kings roads! Arizona un-uniformed police mob harass 4409 for freedom of speech.


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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I just talked to 4409 and he was not taken to jail or sited at the scene. He was told to expect a citation in the mail. Soooo, he's meeting with his attorney. He was on the sidewalk giving a parade of Police Cars the Thumbs down and they did not like it. He found out later that it was for an officer that was killed. But this brings up many other points that 4409 is good at bringing light upon. Earlier this year there was a Phoenix Police officer killed in the War on Some Drugs that had miles of Freeway closed so that HUNDREDS of police and various agency vehicles could parade without going unnoticed. These displays are rarely questioned and I think 4409's incident will bring some light if we can get a citation to challenge,... or a civil litigation around his being tackled and cuffed for expressing himself. Those issues might include the overwhelming special treatment that 'The King's Men' get. The lives and property at risk due to such overwhelming resources focused on such displays. The costs of such a display (maybe the fallen officer's family would be better served by opting for having the expense of such a display being used to benefit their family directly rather than a display of police power). It's time to have this discussion.