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Animal lovers have got to see this. It's just too cool!

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The pair's inspiring friendship began when they lived together for years in the menagerie of a hoarder; after her brood was taken away from her, Mr. G and Jellybean were split up between two different sanctuaries.

Mr. G was taken to California's Animal Place, where the owners soon noted his emotional distress. The buck sat in his pen all day, refusing to eat or even move.

Tests revealed there was nothing medically wrong with him – Mr G's only disease was loneliness.

After four days of Mr. G's unofficial hunger strike, Animal Place realized something needed to be done. The sanctuary workers contacted their counterparts and asked if they could take Jellybean in as well. The donkey arrived three days later.

Upon seeing his pal again, the goat instantly perked up, but as Animal Place described, "It was only when he smelled Jellybean's unique scent that Mr. G realized the truth – his dearest friend had returned!"