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The Guerrilla War Against the U.S.-Kiev

Part of the video was a good talk with the newly appointed mayor. He said they have plenty of weapons for the coming guerrilla war from older weapons to new weapons they were buying. He said they even had shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles and pointed to two long weapons leaning against the wall that were in their heavy cloth cases.

Since I could not even see their details and knew well he might be lying in the typical way of warriors to scare the enemy and inspire friends to help, I thought it could certainly be true because there are so many of those weapons in the world, the global Black Market arms markets are huge like most black markets in goods in high demand [and the father of a close friend made a fortune in that global market], New Russia has a huge and open border with Russia where they could  have been bought or been given to them, I had no good evidence of the use of such a deadly weapon against the vast U.S.-Kiev Army, National Guard, and Black Ops forces trying to starve these New Russians into submission or death, as the Nazi armies did to their grand parent in Russia, I suspended judgment and started watching for good clues.

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