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Disease: 10 Conditions That Will Become Far More Common After A Collapse

• theorganicprepper
 Many diseases are opportunists, they will surface at a time the conditions are right for them to flourish and most often this is at a time when humans really could do with concentrating on other stuff. Here are ten diseases that will make their presence felt after a major, long term,disaster be it war, societal collapse or in some cases even an economic downturn. Click the link to find much more detail about each disease. 1.Typhus:Typhus is spread by the body louse, it's all around us, prevalent amongst the homeless and those living in unsanitary overcrowded conditions. The only reason we are not all infected with it is our ability to launder our clothes and clean our shoes, and that we can bathe regularly. History teaches us that typhus loves downturns and has been shown to surge during and after every major crisis be it war or a stock market crash.

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Comment by Ed Price
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My little comment is short and to the point

There is ONE MAJOR thing that protects from virtually ALL diseases. And we aren't going to find it by asking the medical. They won't tell it to us for their own greed-filled reasons. Here is what it is.

OXYGENATION. Filling yourself with O2 oxygen (regular, breathed oxygen) will overcome almost all diseases. It will easily overcome such things as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and malaria, and all such things that might be thrown into the same categories as these.

The big question is, how do we personally oxygenate our bodies? Do the Internet searches that will give you the answers.

Three general things that work are, certain ozone therapies (even though ozone is not O2), certain hydrogen peroxide therapies (even though hydrogen peroxide isn't O2), and Jim Humble's MMS (even though MMS is not O2). Even though these therapies are not O2, they provide the O2 (regular oxygen) that our bodies need to fight off disease, in greater abundance, to all the cells of the body, to cure all the diseases of the body.

Do the research.