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Feinstein and Boxer Introduce Bill to Rat Out A Family Member With A Firearm

Editor's Note: To some people, namely politicians, every crisis is an opportunity that needs to be seized. The latest mass shootings are no exception. Last year democrat Senators Feinstein and Boxer, along with countless other representatives nationwide, attempted to pass legislation that would have, in effect, banned the legal ownership of most "assault weapons," also know as semi-automatic firearms to the non-hyperventilative. Their attempts failed and fortunately for Americans so too did President Obama's push to bypass legislation via Executive Orders. But, as you may have guessed, the anti-Second Amendment agenda in America remains in full swing. They couldn't take away your guns directly via legislative action, thus they are turning their efforts to a tried and true method that has been successful throughout history in tyrannical societies: snitches. They want to make sure that if you see something, you say something to authorities.