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Gunman opens fire at high school reunion; stopped by good guy with a gun (Illinois).


It was just after 8p.m. Saturday night (June 14th) when a gunman interrupted the 15-year reunion for the East Peoria High School class of 1999. The gunman burst into the reunion at Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizzeria and, according to Chief Ganschow, "after just a brief moment inside the bar, he pulled out a weapon and shot a female and a male".

Before he could get a third shot off, the gunman was struck with multiple rounds from a good guy with a gun, an off-duty FBI agent who was just having dinner at the pizzeria.

The gunman and both victims of his initial burst of gunfire ultimately died - him at the scene and the other man and woman at a Peoria hospital.

Multiple sources, including a person at the scene who declined to be identified, said the shooter was the ex-husband of the woman who was shot. The other male who was shot was the woman's new boyfriend. They were attending a high school reunion.

*** It is our policy, and that of many firearms websites, to withhold the names of gunmen in public shootings. We encourage other media outlets to do the same and avoid making celebrities from scumbags.

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Gee! I wonder why we never even heard a whisper of this on the propaganda criminal lame stream media?

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