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Governor Hickenlooper About To Give Secret Service Power To Arrest Colorado Sheriffs


By the sounds of it, Colorado is being targeted with an attempt to set up loopholes that will allow the U.S. Secret Service to arrest and remove an elected sheriff for refusing to enforce the law, or anyone breaking the law. This means ALL Secret Service including uniformed division officers, physical security technicians, specialists, and other 'special officers'.

In short they want to,

…establish federal authority police powers in a State, enabling an enforcement arm reporting directly to the president (Secret Service). It would enable the president / executive branch to theoretically override the actions and preventative measures that are now being taken by many States throughout the country who are trying to preserve 2nd Amendment gun rights and who are prohibiting the enforcement of unconstitutional law passed by Congress or pushed by executive order.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Maybe this governor should be arrested for treason and conspiracy to commit treason. What part of the word infringment does he not understand? This is when the people need to stand up and stand behind their sheriff. Looks like the fed won't be happy until they start a civil war and turn it into a blood bath.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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After doing my Due Diligence (yes, I learned from last time) I erase my comment about this being posted last year on April Fools Day, it looks like the Governor signed it on April 19th (how coincidental?) without any record of action between the Committee on Judiciary Laying it over to 'read and report' on 1/16/13 and it being signed (no reintroduction): Still searching for LSM reports. Ed V.