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Tech companies are raising their game (and pants) post-Snowden


Snowden anniversary If there's a positive to the disclosures by ex-National Security Contractor (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden, it's that it's been a disaster for technology and internet firms.

Yes, a positive.

In the last year we've learned the NSA has backdoors placed in the hardware that makes networks, the existence of massive funnels placed in internet and phone companies' data centers to suck up vast amounts of data, and the breaking of internet encryption.

The effect of all this should be a raising of these companies' games and a shaking of users' complacency in relying on "free" products and in being too accepting of what they're given and of standard "solutions."

Already, tech and web companies are coming back. Caught with their pants down, they are now being given the time and money to pull them back up again.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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The problem is trust. We now KNOW the NSA has gone around and either strong armed or paid millions to major corporations as well as smaller app writers and Internet service providers to insert back doors for their access, turnover cryptographic algorithms, and record customer interactions for them. We KNOW the NIST developed AES is back door hacked by the NSA via the NIST warning AES is no longer reliable. Guess NIST didn't get the memo to lie about AES along with the memo to lie about WTC7. We know that EVERY phone conversation is recorded, the ability to turn on our cell phone's microphones was hardwired via NSA into the GPS chip installed in ALL cell phones sold in the USA. We KNOW every keystroke going out on the Internet is intercepted. So a person and a business can do all sorts of things to try and dick with the man, but the bottom line in security is you just don't know if you have gone far enough. And you don't know if the NSA is selling your company secrets to the Chinese, Ben Bernanke or whomever their masters or buyers are. You simply can't be certain. Ever. That you KNOW.