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The CIA Spook Turned Comic Book Scribe: Robin Grabs a Gun in 'Grayson'


Dick Grayson—known to comic book fans everywhere as Robin, the Boy Wonder, and Nightwing—is ditching his Wayne Corp.-issued red tights for a job at the fictional intelligence agency Spyral.

Longtime artists and writers Tim Seeley and Tom King lead the team behind the comic series Grayson. "Dick Grayson was trained by the most immovably moral person, and he's placed into a situation where he's going to have to deal with shades of grey," Seeley tells me.

"We put a simple moral metaphor at the center of this project," King says of Batman's trusty sidekick's series. "The spy organization is going after the privacy of superheroes. Trying to find out their super-identities. While they're doing this, at the same time, the spy organization is doing good for the world, they're fighting terrorism."