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Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu: World pressure won't stop offensive


Israel's prime minister vowed Friday to press forward with a broad military offensive in the Gaza Strip, saying international pressure will not halt what he said was a determined effort to halt rocket fire by Palestinian militants as the death toll from the four-day-old conflict rose above 100.

Addressing a news conference, Netanyahu brushed off a question about possible ceasefire efforts, signalling there was no end in sight to the operation.

"I will end it when our goals are realized. And the overriding goal is to restore the peace and quiet," Netanyahu said.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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The UN high commissioner is demonic.He thinks Israel should just stand there and allow Israelis children to be killed by incoming rockets.

Comment by J E Andreasen
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With Netanyahu (famed for his rubber spine) one never knows. If, on the other hand, Israel was led by someone like MK Moshe Feiglin, these terror attacks would be vanishingly rare, and dealt with in an astonishingly definitive manner. Moshe Feiglin: IDF Must Strive For No Less Than Victory in Gaza Jul-08-2014 It looks like we are going into Gaza. When there is no choice, we are forced to endanger the lives of our soldiers for victory. Yes, victory. That is the word that was uprooted from the national and military lexicon when we forgot that this is our Land. “Victory” has practically become a dirty word. The Nation of Israel is willing to pay a price for victory and it is the only justification for an infantry incursion into Gaza. If the government does not intend to triumph, but rather, simply to go for another round of fighting, it is best to remain outside Gaza. It will be sufficient in that case to cut off their Israel-provided electricity and cash, and continue with artillery and air attacks. In the mid-90s (the Oslo era) Israel’s “This is our land” mentality switched to “This is their land”. A large cross-section of influential people in the arts, communications, politics, security, justice, media and politics are responsible for the transformation. They built their careers on it and cannot go back to the pre-Oslo days of “This is our Land.” That is why there is no solution to the terror plaguing Israel. In the “This is our Land” days, famous Zionist icon and fighter Abba Kovner explained the imperative to conquer Gaza. Kovner did not talk about eliminating terror. He talked about victory. Victory is impossible without moral resolve. Those who want to solve today’s terror problem would be well advised to read Kovenr’s battle order, written for IDF troops as they prepared for battle in the 1956 Sinai War: “The will to triumph is a prerequisite for victory.” No containment, no control over the height of the flames and none of the other anti-army, pseudo intellectual discourse that dominates the army today. An army must strive for one thing only: Victory. After some words of encouragement, Kovner explains: “Gaza: A living organ torn from the body of the State of Israel.” Kovner takes a moral stance: Gaza is ours! He continues: “A clenched fist is hovering over the state, a base for the murderous Egyptians.” Kovner refers to the security threat to the state, while homing in on the perpetrators of terror and the country that is behind them. At the very end of the battle order, Kovner mentions the only claim that is being made today: the suffering of the people: ” Nachal Oz, Be’eri, Kisufim, Nirrim – a chain of flourishing settlements facing a hostile border.” “Fighters,” Kovner sums up his words, “Smite the enemy!” (There is an enemy and it is not “terror”) “Smite him again and again!” (No “proportionality” here) “The enemy will be destroyed by the sword of the division fighters” (No stopping in the middle). “Forward to battle and to victory!”