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Meet The Whistleblower Claiming A Little-Known Executive Order 'Threatens Our Democracy'

•, Jason Leopold

Tye says his "policy" when speaking to reporters is to have another person present who will bear witness to his comments. It's for Tye's protection; to ensure he has backup if a reporter misquotes him or if he's accused of saying something he shouldn't have said.

About 15 minutes pass before Tye emails to say that he has found a former colleague at the State Department who has agreed to listen in on the call. Then Tye, who says he still holds a top-secret clearance, lays down some ground rules for VICE News.

"I'm not going to tell you any classified information; even stuff that's been on the front page of the Washington Post," he says. "If you hear something that sounds like I am talking about classified activities or NSA activities, I want to tell you right now you misheard what I said, and you should ask me for a clarification because that's not what I am going to be talking about."