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The Constitution? Not In This Court

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.... This would potentially have quite broad implications. It would let Congress shunt all overbreadth objections to federal regulations to a specialized court, and thus bar First Amendment overbreadth defenses in federal prosecutions for violating particular regulations, far outside the specific area of VA regulations or even regulations dealing with conduct on federal property.....

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Comment by Ed Price
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Another attempt to convert our common law nation into a civil law nation. But it's not what you think. it can't be done without complete Government overthrow.

The way it is being done is to get people to think that they don't have common low rights. We are so close to that thinking already, that maybe Government doesn't need to be overthrown to become a civil law nation. After all, if the people don't use common law, who cares? Civil law wins by default.

Basic common law says that any human being is allowed to litigate any other human who has harmed him or damaged his property. Entities that are incorporated in some way do absolutely nothing. It is always one or more people who do things in the name of an artificial entity. In common law, the entity is pierced by direct human accusation, since it was always the human who did the harm or damage.

We need to stat waking up and standing up, human being to human being against all who harm us or damage our property.