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Baltimore Man Charged With Robbery Despite Being In Jail At Time Of The Crime...

One can certainly understand Tyree Threatt, 21, being confused. He was charged after a victim picked out his photo as the man who robbed her. However, the robbery occurred while Threatt was in jail on another robbery charge. Now here is the bizarre twist. Nicholas Cooksley, his public defender, showed the court the record proving that it was impossible for Threatt to have committed the crime. Indeed, what could be a better alibi than being in jail? Well, it was not good enough for the prosecutor who refused to drop the charge and insisted on a trial. Even more bizarre was the judge who agreed that a trial would be needed. The charges were only dropped after the media pressed the police, which eventually dropped the charges.

The case demonstrates, yet again, that witnesses are often mistaken despite the heavy reliance on such testimony by many jurors. A detective spotted Threatt in the area of the crime as someone who matched the victim's description. He was arrested on armed robbery and using a firearm in a violent crime. Both charges carry a maximum 20-year prison sentence.

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Sounds like the same that happened to a friend who was in jail in one county during the time he had a court hearing in another county. When he didn't show, they put out a bench warrant. He was charged with 152 counts of telephonic harassment calling public officials in their official capacity at their place of business to get answers to real questions and public records. This is a story most would not believe.