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Russia + Peru?Chasqui-1 Set For ISS Hand-Launch (Satellite)


The FCC official said, "According to preliminary data, the opening of an egress hatch is scheduled for 17:59, Moscow time, and closing is slated for 00:15 on August 19. The calculated duration of the spacewalk is six hours and 16 minutes."

This time, the ISS crew members' extravehicular activities will be of scientific application, the FCC official said. Artemyev and Skvortsov will assemble the scientific instrumentation for the Expose-R experiment, take a swab from a porthole under the Test experiment, remove panels of the Endurance experiment and the third container of Biorisk one, and photograph the shield vacuum insulation on the surface of the orbital station. The cosmonauts will then carry out a number of other technical operationsl.