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New Bill Outlaws Body Armor

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The Second Amendment of the Constitution affords every American the right to bear arms. But can US citizens own protective body armor? At least ONE Congressman doesn't think so. Two weeks ago, you didn't know where Ferguson Missouri was. Now, it?s dominating headlines all over the world. Part of that is because a white police officer shot an unarmed black teenager in the middle of the street. Part of that is because witnesses nearby said the victim had his hands up in the air, a claim that sparked violent protests between angry demonstrators and scared police. And part of that is because news stations all over the country EXPLOITED Michael Brown?s death to FURTHER EXPRESS their worn-out POLITICALLY-charged rhetoric. NOW, as the dust starts to settle, the JUSTICE system is taking over. Everyone else is left to sit and wonder WHAT would happen if a SIMILAR riot broke out in their home town. One of the ONLY POSITIVE takeaways from the whole event is the increased scrutiny on police mil

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That's one way to get people interested enough so that they get some.