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Security at the Emergency Room

  I put my bag down and opened it, and then snapped it closed and said this is offensive, I'm here to take my child to the emergency room. I walked passed them and stood in line to check in. I heard them talking about me to their supervisor as I stood in line. After I checked in, a second guy approached and said I was supposed to go through security. I didn't have a speech ready for him and instead I lamely said something like, I'm not a terrorist. This is ridiculous.
I sat down with my crying child and a third man approached and tried to get my consent. I asked him what was next? -security checks and frisks at the grocery store? He said that's how it is now, it's in high schools, airports, etc. and that he didn't like it either but it's for safety. I kept arguing with him and then he asked if I had guns, knives, pepper spray, mace, etc. in my purse. I said no and nobody bugged me after that. It's probably a good thing I was armed with a crying child or I might have been assaulted for my failure to comply. It makes me so mad and if I told the truth about what I thought I would just look like a nut.