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Speaker Boehner Observed By International Whistleblowers


(Publisher: 'Full Spectrum Dominance' comes to mind. In an effort to promote any reform effort as a need for a Constitutional Convention. Should this Generation Next allow for a new Ruling Document, a full blown revolution is far more likely to free them from a lifetime of debt slavery.... 'cause it is doubtful that a new Constitutional Convention will repudiate the debt and will likely reinforce its forced payment under a new 'Payment Structure' that will be imposed on you, your children and grandchildren and and and.)

A letter demanding an official tabulation of State legislature applications for a convention to propose amendments as prescribed in Article V of the Constitution just arrived at the Office of the Speaker of the House for John Boehner. As international observation may be required to determine if elections are being managed correctly, we reached out to internationally known whistle blowers, Karen HudesBirgitta JónsdóttirCarl Robert Gibson, and Hörður Torfason to observe how Congress handles their duty to call a convention once two-thirds of the states apply. After 238 years of application by State legislatures it is "arguable", as the Congressional Research Service described, that States reached the threshold to trigger a convention call which Congress should have no authority to refuse.