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Cadillac to introduce automated driving and vehicle-to-vehicle tech in 2016


Both technologies will find their way into 2017 model year vehicles, automating key aspects of driving for Cadillac owners.

Barra made the announcements on Sunday during her keynote address at the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) World Congress in Detroit.

"GM will put the first V2V-enabled car on the road in about two years, " Barra said. "What's more, I'm announcing that we will bring in advanced, highly automated driving technology to the market in this same timeframe."

The highly automated technology is the Super Cruise system that Cadillac began demonstrating and refining back in 2012. It plans to launch the system on an "all-new" 2017 Cadillac model.

Super Cruise falls short of the fully autonomous commuting imagined on concepts like the Zoox Boz and Rinspeed XchangE, but it's a class above today's automated cruise control systems.