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Peugeot highlights its Hybrid Air technology in new demonstrator car


The French automaker revealed its Hybrid Air technology last year and will showcase the 208 Hybrid 2L Demonstrator car at the Paris Motor Show next month. The latest iteration of the Hybrid Air design complements the gasoline-air powertrain with weight- and drag-cutting measures to offer fuel economy in the range of 117 mpg (2 L/100km), which is well above the 81 mpg (2.9 L/100km) it was quoting last year.

Beginning with the 82-hp (61 kW) 1.2-liter PureTech 208 five-seater, Peugeot's engineers reached into their materials catalog, swapping in carbon composite body panels and coil springs.

They also reworked the thickness of the stainless steel on the exhaust system to provide a 20 percent weight saving, helping slice 220 lb (100 kg) compared to the production 208, down to 1,896 lb (860 kg).