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Tables Turned On Doctor That Medically Paralyzed Police Suspect For Anal Cavity...


A Tennessee Doctor has found the tables turned on him after medically paralyzing a suspect that police wanted to conduct an anal cavity search on for drugs. As it turns out, using the Nuremberg defense ("I was just following orders") isn't going to cut it as a judge has recently ruled that the doctor is not immune from prosecution.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Felix Booker was pulled over and questioned by an officer he'd had dealings with before. Apparently having busted Booker with marijuana in the past, Oak Ridge Police Department Officer Daniel Steakley decided to deploy the use of a drug sniffing K-9.

They found on Booker two baggies with both marijuana and a "white powder" residue in them, but it wasn't enough to arrest him. After doing so anyways, the officer noted that Booker was "squirming" during the ride to jail, prompting him to think something may have been stashed in Booker's rectum.