Unsung Oklahoma Beheading Hero

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A terrifying story unfolded over the weekend, one that could have ended much worse than it did. Recent Muslim convert, Jah'Keem Yisrael known to his family and friends as Alton Nolen had an Arabic tattoo on his chest that reads: Peace be upon you. But peace was the last thing on his mind when he returned to work, angry after just being fired. Police say Nolen was aggressively trying to convert co-workers to radical Islam, and that distraction led to his firing. When he showed up to work on Friday, he was out for blood. First, he slammed his car into another one parked in the lot outside, before storming into the building and stabbing the first person he saw. 54 year old Colleen Hufford was the first victim. Nolen stabbed her several times, before cutting off her head. He quickly moved on to a second victim, but she survived the stab wounds. Nolen was stopped from killing and beheading his second victim because another man came to work with a gun. Off duty reserve sheriff

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