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How to be a Prepper…But Not One of Those Crazy Ones


Then this is the guide for you.

Maybe it made sense in principle, but then you watched that guy and his wife filter and drink their own pee on Doomsday Preppers and you said, "Oh, heck no."

Maybe you were considering the wisdom of storing some extra supplies when you read about the survivalist who holed up in a fully stocked bunker with a little boy he had kidnapped, and you thought, "That's way too much crazy for me.  No way."

Maybe you've been witnessing the mainstream media's demonization that makes it sound like those in the preparedness community are angry militia members, hoarders, or fruitcakes who are preparing for the next Great Flood. Well, I can't tell you that extreme people don't exist – they do, in every segment of the population. But most of the time, you'd never realize someone was a prepperunless they came right out and told you.

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