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What To Wear When You're On The Run From The NSA


In the documentary film "Citizenfour" by Laura Poitras, it's revealed that Edward Snowden's longtime girlfriend Lindsay Mills also left the United States and joined Snowden in Russia. Cheekily, Vogue suggests a trio of outfits for Mills, to match both the climate and the need for discretion that comes with proximity to the source of a major intelligence leak.

Here are Vogue's recommendations:

For a discreet stroll around Moscow, we think Mills would do best to embrace her adopted countrymen's fondness for fur—and a touch of Bonnie Parker panache—in a camouflage look from Valentino. (A fur-lined coat will fit the bill as a closet staple for more casual occasions.) And should she ever feel homesick? A bold pop of color from Missoni and Matthew Williamson paired with a hibiscus dial watch from Versace should have Mills feeling right at home, regardless of the terrain ahead.

The outfits are pricey; this story is as much about high-end winter fashions as it is spycraft. Listed prices for the items cost, combined $13,563, and there are several other items with prices available upon request. That's a lot of money for anyone, particularly someone who's trying to avoid detection while living in exile abroad