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Boosted Rolls Out Cheaper, Even More Dangerous Electric Skateboards

•, By Tim Moynihan

Earlier this year, we took the original Boosted Board for a ride. Zooming around—even uphill—on a $2,000 Bluetooth-controlled motorized longboard was as fun as it was prohibitively expensive. So here's some good news for prospective e-sk8rz: The company's range of remote-control motorized longboards has expanded with two new models, and the additions cost quite a bit less than the original board. There's also a reason for those who already bought a Boosted Board at its original $2,000 price to rejoice, as they may be eligible for a $500 rebate.

The original board stays in the lineup, and it's now the flagship offering in Boosted's arsenal. It's been renamed the Boosted Dual+, and it has a software update that pushes its top speed up to 22mph; the original maxed out at 20mph. Beyond that, it has the same 38-inch deck, Bluetooth remote, six-mile range, and 2,000-watt twin brushless motors as the original Boosted board.

But while the original board went for two grand, the Dual+ will go for $1,500. There are a couple of incentives for existing owners, too. They'll be able to get the speed-boosting software upgrade for free in early 2015, and customers that bought the original Boosted board from mid-September onward are eligible for a $500 refund.