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The System Isn't Going to Fix Itself--It's Time for Us to Police the Police

•, By Ron J. Williams

And that truth has been writ large this year. It has been underscored by the sheer unbelievability of the circumstances under which black men and boys may be killed without consequence. Without justice. Without even so much as a trial to shed light on the murky corners of witness retellings and police misremembering … even if only to exonerate wrongly accused good cops.

Lethal force for non-felony offenses? No problem. Illegal use of lethal force on an unarmed man? No problem. Lack of clear and present mortal danger? No problem. It is officially open season and even with a camera in your face recording you killing another human you're safe from justice.

These faces of black boys killed by cops in this country haunt me. They're my face at 15, 19, 21 and maybe even now.

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Comment by Howard Pearlman
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I call BS on this article because it presents police brutality as a Black vs Blue thing. It's not just blacks, it's anybody who is not a cop. It's the low IQ, military training (control, dominate, destroy) police are given. Presenting it in a black vs white thing just divides us into groups. It should be the people vs. govt. If we need cops, we can hire private security services accountable to those who pay them directly. The only role of police would be then purely administrative (much like they do now - document the crime after it has been committed).