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Mexico is reportedly paying up to $20 million...

•, John Hecht

MGM and Sony, the producers behind the new Bond film Spectre, are receiving up to $20 million in incentives for rewrites that depict positive aspects of Mexico, according to a report by, a website that covers tax news and analysis.

Shooting this month in Mexico City, Spectre will receive at least $14 million, and up to $20 million for script rewrites that portray "modern Mexico City buildings" and a generally favorable image of the country. Among Mexican officials requests, the villain cannot be Mexican, according to Taxanalysts.

The report cites a hacked Sony memo titled "Considerations for Cuts" in which Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM's motion picture group, mentions script changes required to qualify for Mexico film incentives.

Among several changes, Mexico reportedly asked that an international ambassador, rather than a Mexico City mayor, should be replaced as the target of an assassination, and officials also requested that Mexican police should be depicted as a "special force."