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SeaWorld Being Sued (Again) For Allegedly Drugging and Confining Orcas to "Chemical Tubs"


As the documentary Blackfish so poignantly pointed out, animals in captivity – especially large, marine mammals like killer whales – are not meant to be raised and bred for public entertainment. Worse off, living in small, confined areas, they are more prone to become aggressive and suffer from declining physical and psychological health.

For reasons such as these, many people are beginning to speak out against the inhumane treatment orcas are receiving in marine parks, and even take legal action against companies like SeaWorld to ensure it no longer continues.

Receiving its second lawsuit in less than three weeks, Seaworld is being sued in Florida by a woman who claims the marine park is keeping its performing killer whales drugged and letting them suffer from sunburn in tanks that are equivalent of "chemical bathtubs." She concernedly adds that such conditions are leading to early death for the intelligent mammals.

Joyce Kuhl, a grandmother from South Carolina, is suing the Orlando park to receive her money back from her visit in 2013 – and for ticket money to also be reimbursed to millions of other visitors – via a federal class action lawsuit that could cost the park billions of dollars, according to the Orlando Sentinel.