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The Politics of Cannabis - What the Marijuana Industry May Be Scared Of


*Disclaimer for Popular Liberty crowd: this is my company, and I fight daily through my company to protect people's natural rights to consume foods and medicines of their choice. I benefit from consumers being educated and aware of the politics latent in food production, and I benefit from a free society that has the liberty to make choices about their agriculture and medicine policies. I am absolutely promoting my cause, because it is YOUR CAUSE too. So for all the haters who say I am just promoting myself, this is only partially true - I am promoting OUR CAUSE and my company is a part of fighting for your liberties.

All industries are latent with politics. The agriculture, food, and medicine industries, along with the associated policies and government agencies, are no different.

It's important to be aware of the competing interests. And it is also important to speak up. At That's Natural, we aren't afraid of being honest. We want to ensure that people have access to the foods and medicines of their choice - and that means that we can't be afraid of 'saying it like it is'.

Cannabis - a plant with many different strains and types - includes both what is referred to as "hemp" and "marijuana". Hemp and marijuana are both "types" of cannabis, but hemp and marijuana (as it is referred to) are not the same thing ( (link is external)). Cannabis (an annual, flowering herb) can be bred to include more or less of certain compounds - including the cannabinoids THC and CBD. Just like scientists and farmers can breed corn to have different levels of sugar, cannabis plants can have have been bred to provide different compounds ( (link is external)).