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Stewart and his wife, Tracey, have plans to purchase a New Jersey farm ...


Jon Stewart, the hilarious host of Comedy Central's Daily Show, is a New Jersey native who is ready to return to the simple life. As he winds down his stellar 16-year-career, though, many wonder what new hobbies will employ his time.

According to EcoRazzi, the beloved comedian and his wife, Tracey McShane, have ambitious plans to purchase a New Jersey farm and transform it into an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals.

The animal advocacy group Farm Sanctuary recently released the following in a press release:

"The couple recently bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of providing a home for farm animals rescued from cruelty, and in November, Tracey purchased Adopt a Farm Animal sponsorships for all of their Thanksgiving guests."

Stewart, who has spoken out more than once against the unethical treatment of animals on the Daily Show, has been a long-time animal rights activist. Some might recall his skewering of Chris Christie's support of gestational pig crates in an eight-minute segment earlier in February. And more recently, Stewart participated in a thoughtful interview with Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Bauer.

Credit: EcoSalon


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