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An Emergency Hand Pump For A Well

•, by C.P.

My static water level is about 65 feet, yet I was able to construct a workable unit using schedule 40 PVC plastic that cost me about $80. It's amazingly easy to build and will pump a five-gallon bucket of water in about three minutes. So, if you decide to make one, here's how I did it.

Your well casing should be 5" or more, or you may not be able to get past the pitless adapter with the pipe. I recommend disconnecting the electrical source to the pump by tripping the breaker before continuing.

Take off the well cap to find how far it is from there to the water level below. (This is the static level; see the note below.) If it's no more than 70 feet, then this pump will work for you. Beyond that, it may work for another 10 feet or so, but more effort is needed to obtain water when you pump.