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WOW: Rand Paul's Communication Director Calls Karl Rove His Hero

• By Martin Hill

Rand Paul sure surrounds himself with very shady characters. As we reported earrlier, Rand's creepy Campaign director actually assaulted a reporter with bodily fluids this week. Rand's social media director worked for Netanyahu and is obsessed with Israel. Now we have Rand's control freak communications director admitting that his hero is Karl Rove! Wow man you just can't make this stuff up!

[Rand also flies Israeli Flags on his campaign website, consults with Henry Kissinger and admitted in a Senate speech that he "meets with Israeli groups daily".]

Robert Wenzel of broke the latest story about Rand's Communication director's infatuation with Karl Rove. The other day Wenzel responded to a question I asked with a column titled What It Is Like for Me Trying to Ask Rand Paul a Question.

You see, Bob had mentioned that he had seen Rand Paul speak in California but I wondered why he hadn't gotten any interview with him. Wenzel is associated with Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and Tom Woods, so I figured of course Rand knows who he is and would have at least talked to him. Guess again! You see, Wenzel is one of Rand Paul's sharpest libertarian critics. His site is the best Rand Watch site there is, hands down. I check it daily.

Wenzel pointed out that a guy named 'Sergio Gor' is Rand's handlers and basically is a Karl Rove type control freak who keeps access to randy extremely limited. Wenzel posted a follow up that Rand Paul's main man Sergio Gor introduced Karl Rove at a function and lauded Rove as his personal hero!!

Gor even looks like Karl Rove.

He's introduced as the "President, Young America's Foundation- George Washington University Chapter."

Gor rattles on about "Islamic Extremists" and begins with the 'distinct honor' of welcoming 'a true American innovator,' Karl Rove, to the podium. Gor continues, Rove is "a leader who has incurred false personal attacks from the hostile liberal media... despite this constant barrage, he has maintained his impeccable integrity and a stead devotion to conservative governing principles... As a lifetime advisor to president Bush, he engineered the president's election in 2000 against a popular democratic administration and to admit a country enjoying peace. He followed up by crafting a political strategy that gave republicans a unified government for the first time since world war II. In the White House, he played a central role in implementing president Bush's vision for America, a vision that has kept our economy strong for six years and our nation safe from terrorist attacks. Ladies and Gentlemen, Karl Rove is the mastermind. He is our honored guest tonight. Please welcome one of my heroes, Karl Rove."

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