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VAT Tax in Paul's new tax plan?


Now why is the 14.5 tax any different than the current tax on corporations? Isn't it a lower tax. Why would it raise prices on consumers if their tax rates were being lowered?

NY Times article: Rand Paul and the VAT That Dare Not Speak Its Name (link is external)

Forbes: Rand Paul's Tax Cut Isn't Quite What It Seems.

"But it isn't quite that: His business levy is really a Value-Added Tax so wages would be taxed at both the individual and business level at a combined rate of about 27 percent. In effect, Paul would replace today's dedicated Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes with a new tax, but one that does not directly fund the big federal retirement programs."

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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According to Spock, only Nixon could have gone to China. By that impeccable Vulcan logic, only Ron Paul could be Ron Paul. What is in a name?! It's not the name that matters. It's the man. DC Treybil

Comment by Powell Gammill
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1. No business pays tax. All costs by definition are passed on to their customers (you) or they are quickly out of business.

2. Anyone who want to discuss taxes by proposing/supporting a tax has already lost the argument against taxes and shown themselves to be no better than any other robber.

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