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New residents clash with Costilla County over land use


They say over-zealous code enforcement and law enforcement have made it difficult, and have video evidence to back it up, that this hasn't been the case.

It turns the clock back to the 1980s, when the Federal Trade Commission issued an order returning money for the same lands to their persons who had purchased five -acre tracts, sight unseen, on the basis of promotional materials.

The roads built by those earlier developers remain, along with forbidding conditions, expensive utilities and a low water table commanding deep and expensive wells.

Now, adding a new thread to the land developers' sales tapestry is the fact that people cannot obtain permits to live on their land in RVs or camping trailers while they build their homes. The developers advertise that the areas are zoned residential and two homes are allowed on each small "rancho," the main house and a smaller one.

In their on-line advertising, they state, "Property owners may camp, park trailers or bring campers to their ranch or estate site prior to building. A permanent residence building is not mandatory nor a requirement for purchase. In fact, no one requires that you build anything."