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Activists' Drone Drops Anti-Spying Leaflets Over the NSA


On Monday, supporters of the Intelexit group, an offshoot of the Berlin-based activist collective Peng, launched a winged drone over the Dagger Complex, a U.S. military base in Darmstadt, Germany that also houses an NSA outpost known as the European Cryptologic Center. The drone, which the group tells WIRED is a Skywalker x8 remote-controlled hobbyist plane, rained down leaflets over the complex asking NSA employees if they're "ready to exit?" and listing ethical reasons to quit the intelligence services. The stunt is captured in the video above, complete with a comically heroic NSA-battling score.

"It is very hard to reach the people working in secret services since they are so cloistered off from the rest of society," says Ariel Fischer, a pseudonymous spokesperson for the group. "This is a really innovative way to reach out to them…It also shows employees that Intelexit is serious about helping them."