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KICKSTARTER - It's not VPN, it's AlwaysHome! Take your content worldwide

• Kickstarter - Always Home

Watch Netflix in China, Hulu in Europe, HBO in Brazil

About this project

Blazing fast speeds... Setup in seconds... no VPN needed...

The SpaceShifting Revolution

The SpaceShifting Revolution

The Problem:

If you're a veteran overseas traveler or going abroad for the first time, you'll experience this bitter disappointment after a long day of business meetings or tourism: 

You arrive at your hotel, open your device to relax and binge watch your favorite series onNetflixHulu or HBO, only to find "Access Denied" for the country you're in.

 Suddenly you're faced with mundane alternatives like reading a book or watching incomprehensible local television on the hotel set.  

In Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa? A big NOPE on getting your content!

In Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa? A big NOPE on getting your content!

Hello, I think my TV needs an oil change

Hello, I think my TV needs an oil change

Our Solution

AlwaysHome is a ridiculously simple to set up system that allows you to appear to be browsing the Internet from your very own living room or office (with access to your private network) anywhere in the world.

It's an alternative to complicated VPN setups that's blazing fast – between 3-10 times faster depending on where you're galavanting around the globe!


Supports all WiFi enabled devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast and Xbox 

Who Should Buy It...

AlwaysHome is a practical solution for anyone abroad who needs access to content in their home country... 

Benefits :

Blazing Fast 3-10 times faster than VPN

Set it up in seconds, not hours

Secure AlwaysHome provides an overlay over the public WiFi using a secure tunnel from one dongle to the other.

Integrates Has a wireless AP which supports devices like Apple TV and Chromecast which don't allow configuration of VPN

How it Works:

The Aluminium Duo features two USB dongles, and a subscription to our cloud services, allowing you to space-shift to any local network behind a firewall or blocked by geo-blocking systems. 

1) Once the two dongles are setup, an auto-communication between the two is triggered in our cloud infrastructure. 

2) Our cloud securely authenticates the dongles and then direct them to connect to each other. 

3) The dongles will then establish a secure, accelerated connection between them. 

 4) All requests and data travel from one dongle will be routed to the other dongle. So each dongle can haveaccess to the network of the other dongle, including internet access from the other dongle and devices in the same network. 

If establishing a direct link is not possible, the cloud may be used as a medium to piggyback data traffic between the two dongles. This is done transparently and seamlessly so that there are no disruptions in the user experience. 

A layer of WAN (Wide Area Network) Optimization is also implemented based on a proprietary data transfer protocol between the two dongles. It is much faster than standard TCP, especially over long distance and long latency network, such as the Internet between San Francisco and Shanghai. In our reality test, an average 3 to 10 times network throughput improvement is achieved on cross pacific data transfers.