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Surviving Poverty In a Van: "Unlike the Streets, You Can Maintain a Decent Standard of Living**


While you may not want to be there, it could happen – from a layoff, a failed job interview or an economic disaster of epic proportions. It's good to have this option ready as one of your better options during desperate times.

Surviving Poverty Part 1: How to Live in a Van

by Joshua Krause

There's been a few news stories floating around over the past few weeks that have a common theme. In San Francisco, a city with some of the highest rental costs in the nation, it seems that more and more people have been choosing to live in their vehicles. That may not sound very surprising, but what is odd is that these stories don't involve struggling low-income workers.

Instead, these people are fairly well paid tech employees. The one that's really been making the rounds on the internet, involves a Google employee who bought a box truck and sleeps in his company's parking lot. It's not that he couldn't afford to rent an apartment per say, it's that he couldn't stand the thought of paying so much money for a place to sleep. If he decided to rent, he'd probably be close to breaking even.