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Thai printer replaces International New York Times article with blank space

•, Oliver Holmes

The International New York Times has blamed its local Thai printer for removing a front-page article on the country's moribund economy and leaving a blank space on the cover.

Self-censorship is on the rise in the south-east Asian country which is ruled by a military junta. In September, the same paper's printer stopped its publication over an article on the country's ailing king.

Tuesday's story, headlined "Thai economy and spirits are sagging", reported that Thai households are among the most indebted in Asia, robberies and property crimes have risen more than 60% this year, and the ruling generals are not eager to hand power back to politicians.

It quoted a fruit and vegetable seller who said: "No one feels like smiling anymore".

A white space on the front page and page six carried the message: "The article in this space was removed by our printer in Thailand. The International New York Times and its editorial staff had no role in its removal."