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How many college students will die from real-world stupidity if a financial collapse unfolds?

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Converging with this day of reckoning is the bizarre phenomenon of pampered, coddled college students who feel "offended" by free speech and ideas that counter their own stilted beliefs. They're so psychologically fragile that they feel "traumatized" by merely hearing words that they consider "hurtful speech" -- a vast realm of important ideas from illegal immigration to race-based college admissions quotas.

Oblivious about the real world

Today's students have never been asked to overcome adversity. They haven't been prepared for anything that happens in the real world... a realm that's littered with obstacles, dishonesty and betrayal. This brings up the all-important question: How many of these college students will not survive the coming collapse?

If the grid goes down or the banking system collapses, will these students gather together in their segregated "safe spaces" and demand the monetary system be restored? What will happen when their hashtags no longer work and the rest of the country is too busy working on their own survival to bother with narcissistic, self-deluded college students who have been raised to think the entire world revolves around them?

As a glimpse into how today's college students dissociate from reality, witness the following broadcast video from my recent coverage of a student protest in Austin, Texas. While gun rights advocates were near campus, demonstrating the value of concealed carry firearms to save lives and stop violent attackers, UT college students responded to this event by organizing dildo wavers and fart machines, shouting insanely stupid mantras that claimed displays of self-defense are a form of "hate."

This video says it all: