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Tiny New Hampshire District Caught in Crosshairs of School Choice Debate


The school in Croydon, New Hampshire, is small. Really small. Fewer than 100 students small.

Kids in public schools in Croydon (population 764) attend class in what amounts to a one-room school house at Croydon Village School from kindergarten through fourth grade.

For many years, Croydon, like other small districts in New Hampshire, had an exclusive agreement with a neighboring district to educate its older kids. But last year district leaders, with the backing of the town's residents, gave students and their families an option: Take the local tax money that covers tuition in the neighboring district and use it instead at the school of their choice, a choice the state has said is illegal.

"The option is important, because one size does not fit all," said Jody Underwood, president of the Croydon school board.