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Victim's Father Demands Obama Use Martial Law Powers:


Try as Obama might – as he did during his televised town hall meeting on CNN– to dissuade people from the notion that he has undertaken a massive conspiracy to confiscate guns from the American people and disarm their right to keep them, there is every sense that great powers for gun control could be seized. There is every sense our rights are under threat from within by a force never before seen in our system of government.

Would the president really evoke martial law to satisfy his hunger for destroying the 2nd Amendment? Will he stop at anything in undermining the right to keep and bear arms, and civil rights like due process in general?

There are fresh calls from the gun control lobby for President Obama to do so. A father of a victim of gun violence is behind the most recent push for these radical powers in the name of keeping dangerous and insane people away from weapons.

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