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Buckeye Farmers Market ~ Farm Dinner ~ Veggie List 1/23/16

• Tonopah Rob


Italian Red Sweet Onions will be on the table this weekend, yahoo!

Here's the gossip for this week.  The Buckeye Farmers' Market will be up and running this weekend. Check out directions to the market tab for a market location nearest you.  Tonopah Rob will pack up Bertha, she's the big white truck who carries all the tents and tables to several of the market locations. This upcoming weekend you will see Bertha and the gang at the Buckeye market.  The Farm Stand will be closed this weekend only, so all customers and peeps whom need to get veggie with it must go to the Buckeye Farmers' Market to get your all natural nature grown veggies.  Market time is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday.

Also, this weekend at a different location, the Penlina Farmers' Market  in Peoria, AZ will be open for those that cannot make the Buckeye Farmers' Market.  Same time, same day as the Buckeye market, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Tonopah Rob will have stacks of beautiful veggies for that market as well.

Then, on Sunday, Tonopah Rob will be at the Creative Living Fellowship Church selling from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The church welcomes everyone with open arms to come over and get veggie weggie with it. Come listen to music, a beautiful message from Reverend Michele and get veggie weggie with it!


Red Iceberg Lettuce

Tonopah Rob and Creative Living Fellowship are selling CSA shares to anyone in the area whom would like to purchase a Community Supported Agriculture share.  You may sign up at the CLF church and pick up your veggies on 7th street and Marilyn in Phoenix.  We would like to encourage CLF members or non CLF members to dig into their pockets and show your support and purchase a farm share.

On sale at all locations are the "Dine under the Stars" farm to table fund-raiser dinner.  The Arizona Culinary Institute will be cooking up a delicious meal from the farm for the second season.  Tickets cost $100.00 dollars per plate.  All proceeds will go right back into the farm.  After the dinner, Tonopah Rob will tell the Bee Story and play a game of Simon Says.  After Simon Says, we will all enjoy a wonderful dessert of Tangelo Sorbet and Tangelo Pound Cake.  It was so delicious last year, it comes highly recommended again. More information and the menu will be set in a few weeks once the crops mature a little more.  I think Brussels Sprout, a delicious beet salad may also be on the list.  Tonopah Rob's Dinner coordinator, Paul Grube and Co. will decorate, design the tables and around dusk, the farm stand will have a lighting ceremony while we are sipping on our donated beverage of choice.


This is a picture of a really old heirloom crocosmia.  These beauties came with my home over 50 years ago.  

It was a great night of fun, the best part was the spin after the dinner. Lots of laughter and toasts were clanging from all of the wisdom we were consuming.  It's a night for parents, grandma's and grandpa's to come relax and all other of drinking age.  Come up to any of the CSA tables and pay for your tickets, get a receipt and Tonopah Rob will send you your ten tickets.  Tickets went on sale last week and will continue for a few more weeks.  Please come on out and enjoy a really fun night.

Now that you have heard all the gossip, here is this week's veggie list.



Gigantic Strawberries*




Eggs from China*


Tonopah Salad Mix


Salad Sweeties

Red Stem Turnips




Pink Grapefruit




Watermelon Radishes

French Sweet Melon Rouge Turnips


Brussels Sprouts


Bell Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers


maybe baby kale, maybe!

as always a surprise or two

one old rusted milk can

if you would like to volunteer on the farm give me a holler and do it loud I may be way out back in the north 40.

*not really, just kidding.