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My Terrorist, Your Terrorist

•, by Uri Avnery

Of course not.

So why has the Arab League decided that they are?

Because most of the league's member states are Sunni Muslims, while Hezbollah is a Shiite organization supporting Shiite Iran and Alawite (quasi-Shiite) Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

So were Israel's Arab parties right when they condemned the league's resolution?

Right, yes. Wise, no.

Let's start with Hezbollah. Surprisingly enough, it is in a way an Israeli creation.

Lebanon is an artificial state. For centuries, it was considered a part of Syria. Because of its mountainous terrain, it was an ideal place for small persecuted sects, which could defend themselves there. Among them is the Maronite Christian community, called after a monk by the name of Maron.

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